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Mark Dexter


'Brittle Myths'

British TV and film actor Mark describes his recent crossover into the world of music as "drifting into the wrong lane", having previously spent most of his time being on film and TV sets rather than in recording studios. 

"I've been doing this in secret for a couple of decades now, and it finally felt like time to grow some guts and let someone else have a listen."

The result of his newfound bravery is the four song EP 'Brittle Myths' - which is now available on most streaming services or to take home and keep via the MUSIC page right here on this website. (MP3 download)

Originally slated for a studio recording in early 2020, the whole project had to take a 'detour' due to a certain global pandemic.


"At first I just accepted it wouldn't get done - but after a while I just figured...why don't I try doing this on my own?" 

Brittle Myths thereby became an entirely self-produced project with Mark doing everything from laying down each and every track you can hear on the record - "to making my own tea...!"


"Which for someone used to being on film sets is almost unheard of."

(From an upcoming FB interview)

"I've basically been like a deranged musical hermit for most of my life, writing and recording songs but then putting them straight into boxes which eventually end up in skips. I only recently realised how weird that is, to create stuff and hide it away forever. And it's ended up with a lot of it being lost forever. Over the course of a very rainy afternoon back in January, I gradually realised that there are at least six entire music projects that I've completely lost. There are no tapes, CD's, computer files, lyrics written in biro - no trace of them at all. So this release is kind of my way of making sure that doesn't happen again. It feels like the right time to get brave and let a few other humanoids have a listen.


As for what the songs 'are', it's been tough to get a consensus in terms of a genre. Some say 'Indie', some say 'Alternative', one or two say 'Singer/Songwriter' - and the rest say 'hmm...that's a tough one'.


I think the issue with deciding on a genre is that each song is quite different - which has also been interesting because everyone has a different favourite - but I think there's an overall character that they share. Sadly 'Mark Dexter' is not one of the options in the dropdown list for genre selection, so one of those other suggestions will have to do. Let the public fight among themselves for the best label. (I wish!)


This is not a career change, not a bit, if anything it's just a window into the 'real life' of some bloke who people normally see pretending he's someone else. 


If enough people respond to it, I'll definitely put more music out there in the near future, I've got ideas springing up like eager daisies right now. That's probably because my songs know they're not going to end up in skips anymore, so they're suddenly all clamouring to get out!"

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